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EUCODIS Bioscience introduces new panel of Peroxidases

EUCODIS is glad to announce the addition of a new enzyme family to its portfolio of recombinant industrial enzymes. Our collection of more than 20 Peroxidases is carefully selected from 10 subfamilies, and all Peroxidases display unique properties for their utility in chemical, flavor, feed, cosmetics, paper and other industries. EUCODIS Peroxidases use hydrogen peroxide as a co-substrate to catalyze reactions similar to cytochrome P450 oxidoreductases, but eliminating the need for expensive cofactor recycling systems. The enzymes are exclusively available from EUCODIS.

EUCODIS Peroxidases belong to the class of the heme-peroxidases. These enzymes are capable of catalyzing complex and diverse organic oxidation reactions yielding more reactive intermediates in a stereospecific manner. Typical model reactions with industrial relevance catalyzed by our Peroxidases include epoxidation, dehalogenation, S-oxidations, alcohol/aldehyde oxidations and many others.  

EUCODIS is continuously characterizing the enzymes, such as two Peroxidases from Chaetomium globosum recombinantly expressed in Pichia, and is glad to share these results with interested parties. Activities of the enzymes on several substrates were tested including alcohol oxidation, N-demethylation, epoxidation and aromatic ring hydroxylation.

EUCODIS offers to screen the full Peroxidase library for conversion of individual substrates and to further develop hit candidates for your specific application. The enzymes can also be purchased as a screening kit of 10 selected Peroxidases to support your efforts in identifying the optimal biocatalyst for your favorite reaction. Bulk quantities and enzyme formulations with higher purity will be tailored to match the application requirements of our customers. All our products are produced according to ISO9001 standards.

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