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Scientists from EUCODIS contributed to research published in Nature Catalysis

Improving biocatalytical processes through genetically engineering proteins is one great challenge in today’s biotechnological industry. One new approach regarding this is engineering multiple active sites - both from biological and abiological origin - into one protein. A team around Manuel Ferrer from the Institute of Catalysis in Madrid, Spain together with two members from the research department of EUCODIS have mastered this challenge and could publish their results in the current issue of Nature Catalysis. This novel technique greatly expands the spectrum of catalysis in diverse biotechnological fields by combining the advantages of biocatalysis and chemical catalysis in one catalyst and helps designing such processes more efficiently.

Congratulations on the acceptance of the publication to everyone involved, contributing to improving catalytic properties such as enzyme efficiency, selectivity as well as reaction scope.

More information about the research can be read here:


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