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EUCODIS Bioscience introduces new panel of Peroxidases

EUCODIS is glad to announce the addition of a new enzyme family to its portfolio of recombinant industrial enzymes. Our collection of more than 20 Peroxidases is carefully selected from 10 subfamilies, and all Peroxidases display unique properties for their utility in chemical, flavor, feed, cosmetics, paper and other industries. EUCODIS Peroxidases use hydrogen peroxide as a co-substrate to catalyze reactions similar to cytochrome P450 oxidoreductases, but eliminating the need for expensive…

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INVISTA and Eucodis Bioscience to collaborate on development of enzymes for the production of industrial chemicals

INVISTA and Eucodis Bioscience, an Austrian biotechnology company with strong expertise in enzyme engineering and industrial enzyme development, announce a collaboration for the screening and engineering of enzymes to further develop bio-derived processes for the production of industrial chemicals.
The collaboration will leverage INVISTA’s capabilities in biotechnology and catalysis, its knowledge of the chemicals industry, and Eucodis’ enzyme discovery and engineering capabilities to assist in…

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EUCODIS successfully manufactured ferritin at industrial pilot scale for BiAqua

EUCODIS Bioscience and BiAqua, an innovative start-up company designing biotechnology based solutions for water treatment, announced today the successful production of the first industrial pilot batch of Pyrococcus furiosus ferritin for application in biofouling treatment.

Biofouling is recognized in the industry as being one of the key issues in the multi-billion market for reverse osmosis membranes. BiAqua’s technology is unique in that it uses enzymes for the selective and near complete…

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Quality management system ISO9001 certificate received

EUCODIS Bioscience is pleased to announce the attainment of an ISO9001 certified Quality Management System.

Ursula Baumgartner-Durchschlag, Quality Manager, adds: “In compliance with the ISO9001 standard we commit ourselves to high quality standards at all levels from R&D to manufacturing and quality control. This guarantees highly reliable services and products to all our customers.”

Learn more about Quality Management at EUCODIS.

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New publication: Superior activity and selectivity of Eucodis lipase panel

Eucodis Bioscience is glad to announce the release of a publication reporting a novel, commercially available lipase enzyme panel performing kinetic bioresolutions of a number of secondary alcohols. The superiority of these novel enzymes over lipase B from Candida antarctica (CALB) has been demonstrated. The paper has been created in collaboration with the Biocatalysis group of Almac Sciences Ltd.

Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 23 (2012) 583–586
"A novel lipase enzyme panel exhibiting superior…

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New in Portfolio: Lipase Suicide Inhibitors

In addition to the portfolio of novel lipases, EUCODIS Bioscience now introduces a range of suicide inhibitor substrates for lipases. The inhibitor substrates are designed for active site titration experiments and, e.g. can be used for the quantitative determination of active lipases and esterases in complex protein mixtures. They are ideally suited for applications in development and quality control of hydrolytic enzymes like lipases and esterases, and are used for these applications in house.

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