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EUCODIS Bioscience manufactures catalases - a potent and stable alternative to chemical neutralizers such as pyruvate - for the utilization in environmental monitoring applications.

Use of catalase as a supplement in media plates offers a more effective and reliable solution for safe and secure environmental monitoring of sterilization in clean rooms, isolators or production facilities by also removing remaining traces and spots of high concentration of H2O2. Currently, agar plates for monitoring disinfection or sterilization are supplemented with pyruvate, which is consumed during the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, pyruvate has difficulties in neutralizing higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide e.g. in spots compared to the EUCODIS Catalase.

One of the main benefits of EUCODIS catalase is its high stability in agar media at 50°C, which allows easy preparation of media and processing into plates. Due to the high stability no special storage conditions are needed and a shelf-life of > 6 months at 4-25°C can be guaranteed.

  • Easy to use formulation
  • Complete biocatalytic inactivation of H2O2
  • Potent, stable alternative to chemical neutralizers, more reliable than pyruvate
  • Secure and effective degradation up to 10% H2O2
  • Patent-protected in all important markets (EP2861715; US 9,951,306)
  • Irradiation at 20-30 kGy possible, for sterilization of prepared media

We are offering access to the patented technology to interested parties for collaboration in application development. EUCODIS Bioscience also offers ready-to-use media plates containing catalase for sterility monitoring and OEM supply of the enzyme for your environmental monitoring media or other applications.


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