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Lipases & substrates


EUCODIS Bioscience offers a collection of more than 50 unique lipases of microbial origin, carefully selected and engineered for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industry. Our lipases cover a broad range of substrates and are suitable for hydrolysis in aqueous solutions and esterifications in organic solvents.

EUCODIS Lipases achieve superior activity in multiple applications:

  • Biocatalytic stereospecific resolution of chiral alcohols and acids for API or fine chemical synthesis
  • Generation of difficult to synthesize, sensitive esters
  • Selective and efficient hydrolysis/esterification of C4-C22 fatty acids
  • Emollient ester synthesis for cosmetics
  • Production of nutritionally valuable fats and oils
  • Bioplastic precursor modification refinement

We offer different lipase screening kits and provide tailor-made services for you:

25 lyophilized enzymes are available as standard screening kit (mg to kg) enabling rapid selection for your application. All enzymes can also be bought individually. Furthermore, we offer more than 30 additional lipases suitable for your substrate. Upon requests, bulk quantities or higher purity lipase preparations can be supplied.

EUCODIS Bioscience provides immobilized lipases suitable for organic solvents and higher temperature ranges. We offer Lipase immo Kit, a screening kit of 6 different immobilized lipases and tailor-made immobilized CalBs, customized for your application. Continuous bioreactors are available on request.


For more information, please contact our sales team under vie.orders(at)biosynth.com

Lipase substrates: Lipase suicide inhibitors

Custom synthesis of suicide inhibitors with varying chain lengths and/or leaving groups

In addition to the lipase portfolio, EUCODIS Bioscience offers a range of suicide inhibitor substrates for lipases. The inhibitor substrates are designed for active site titration experiments and, e.g. can be used for the quantitative determination of active lipases and esterases in complex protein mixtures. They are ideally suited for quality control of hydrolytic enzymes like lipases and esterases, and are used for these applications in-house.

These phosphonate based molecules are available with either chromogenic (p-nitrophenyl derivatives) or fluorogenic (4-methyl-umbelliferyl derivative) groups for sensitive detection of hydrolytic activity of lipases and esterases. We also offer synthesis of customized lipase suicide inhibitors on demand.

ESIC01 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic standard substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases.

ESIC02 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases preferring long chain leaving groups.

ESIC03 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases preferring hydrophobic leaving groups.

ESIF01 2 mg

Use: Fluorogenic standard substrate (λex: 363 nm λem 465 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases.

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